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If you have any query with a system, equipment, accessories or software purchased from EposSystems.Com, please contact our Customer Support team who will be pleased to assist you.

Services are available either by paid annual subscription or on an ad-hoc basis at our normal hourly rates. See the Support Options page for pricing.

As standard, all our new systems and software are supplied with a 1 YEAR LEVEL ONE SUPPORT SUBSCRIPTION, provided a Service Pack has been included with your purchase. The standard Level One service operates during office hours Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) by Telephone, Email / Online Ticket and Remote Access. Telephone Support is only available to callers who have undertaken a remote or on-site training session, otherwise please use the Online, Email or Remote Access services.

For hardware issues, all SAM4S equipment is covered by a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Panasonic and Bixolon equipment is covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty. HP, 3M, CAS, Avery, Dibal equipment is covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Honeywell and Toshiba equipment warranty duration depends on the model - please check the product profile page. Outside the warranty period or terms, equipment can be serviced on a payable (parts, labour & delivery) basis.



If your annual subscription for software support has expired, please contact our Sales team if you wish to arrange renewal. Prices start from just £25 per month. You can also purchase support services on an ad-hoc basis without a subscription.

Enhanced support subscriptions for extended hours support during evenings, weekends and bank holidays, on-site call out and fixed response times are also available for purchase - please see details of our Support Services.



For new orders, the latest version of the software will be automatically included in the package.

For existing installations, program upgrades are free and can be downloaded and self-installed or we can remote access and install for you, provided you have a first year Service Pack or a subsequent year Support Subscription in place.

If you do not have a current Support Subscription and do not wish to subscribe, then program upgrades can be purchased separately. Please contact us for pricing and download instructions.

Where a feature that uses a 3rd party service or product is required (eg. credit card terminal, hotel management software, web ordering system etc) those items will need to be purchased separately from the provider.

POS Software Program Name Latest Version Details
(part of Q5 package)
SamTouch version 1.3.708 released November 2018
Please contact us for Release Notes and to arrange download or remote access for installation.
ICR TouchPoint
TouchPoint 2019 version 69.50 released November 2018
Please use the online updater to download and install.
Wasp QuickStore

QuickStore Standard version 3.34L
Choose 'Check for Updates' in your Help menu within the program to download/install latest version.

Sentinel Touch
(part of former T3000 package)
Sentinel Touch version 8.6.188 released 7 Dec 2015
Please contact us to arrange download or remote access for installation.

Further new releases of Sentinel Touch stopped as of June 2017. Customers can opt to migrate to either SamTouch or CES Touch at a discounted price.
CES Touch
(part of new T3000 package)
CES Touch version 9.1.019 released 2018
Please contact us to arrange remote access for installation.
SalonMaid SalonMaid version 2.352 released 2018
Please contact us to arrange download and install, and upgrade your existing database.



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