POS Integrated Scales

These POS scales are designed to integrated with your POS system and software, to allow automated weighing and pricing at the checkout counter. They are suited to delicatessen, butchers, fishmongers, grocers, farm shops and supermarkets where you sell open, non-barcoded items that are priced and billed at the point of sale. Your POS software would need to be compatible with the chosen POS Scale and you require a spare port (usually an RS232 Serial port) on your POS terminal to connect the scale.

The Avery FX120 is compatible with our T3000 (CES Touch), Q5 (SamTouch), Q6 and V4000 (ICRTouch) packages. The CAS PDII and Dibal G325 are compatible with our Q5 and Q6 retail pos packages. Please contact us to check compatibility with other systems or your own POS software.

Avery FX120 Integrated POS Scale


Available in 6kg, 15kg and 30kg capacity. RS232 Serial interface.

87mm height for easy installation into most counters.

Compatible with our V4000 ICRTouch systems and T3000 CES Touch systems (extra £75 Scale Software Module fee applies for CES Touch).

Stand alone or flush-mounted model available.

Pole-mounted LCD display included, shows weight only.

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Optional Accessories


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CAS PDII Integrated POS Scale



Available in 6kg or 15kg capacity. RS232 Serial interface.

Standard model includes integrated operator display, shows weight only.



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Optional Accessories
Optional pole display - add £90.
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Label Printing Scales - Additional Information

The above are our most popular labelling scales. We can also supply other models from Bizerba, Avery and CAS. Please contact us with your requirements.


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