Web order processing whereby online orders placed on your website are automatically integrated into your POS system with stock levels and sales reports automatically adjusted is increasingly gaining demand amongst many small businesses operating both online portals and retail outlets.

At the present time, there are very few established, proven POS software packages that offer this specialist web interface facility - either as standard or as an option. The considerations of 2-way stock control if you have a shared stock location make it an advanced feature requirement - if you web store shows live stock levels, you would need to update it continuously as you sell items from your retail store and vice versa for web sales and retail stock levels. There is also the issue of either real-time updating of the main stock and sales database or whether data from web sales is imported in a batch periodically.

There are software solution providers which provide combined retail and e-commerce solutions, but the choice is limited. You do not have all the POS software features of mainstream software packages, you are tied to the same company for both your web and retail systems meaning you would have to pay for bespoke software development for features which are not present and you would not be able to choose a mainstream, established EPoS software package, or a web site of your own design format and structure.

You may consider getting your existing web developer to provide a bespoke interface to your POS software but they would need access to proprietary information about the database structure of the POS systems.

If you are processing only a small volume of web orders, then it is practical to key-enter those orders manually onto your EPoS system.


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