Choosing a partner is an important task. EPoS systems help you to run large aspects of your business. You should expect a responsible and reliable attitude from the company which will supply your EPoS System.

EPoS systems can be implemented in a wide range of businesses of all types and sizes. When choosing partner, you should be assured of expert honest advice based on your stated requirements and budget. You should avoid attempts to force any particular system on you by single solution providers who offer a 'one size fits all' product.

We advise that all the software should originate either from UK manufacturers or international manufacturers with a permanent UK branch operation. Your partner should not be tied to any EPoS hardware manufacturer or single POS software vendor, so the company should be able to draw from a range of different solutions depending on your particular business requirements.

We also recommended that your EPoS partner has experienced staff trained in selecting, installing, training, using and supporting a wide range of EPoS systems in a variety of business environments from shops and supermarkets to cafes, bars, clubs, take-aways and restaurants. Experienced consultants are out in the field every day, visiting businesses all over the country seeing first hand the requirements and expectations of a point of sale system from frontline staff, store managers, security personnel, warehouse staff, IT staff, Head Office staff, business owners and their accountants.

At EposSystems.Com we are an independent epos system providers so we can offer expert advice to help you choose the right EPoS solution for your business. We continually evaluate the latest EPoS software and hardware from all over the world and add these to our range as they become established, proven, tried and tested.

A reliable partner should offer a complete service including:
* Helping to define your objectives and identify your EpoS system requirements
* Drawing up the specification for EPoS software, hardware, peripherals, consumables and any other add-ons
* Considering suitable EPoS system options to match your requirements and budget
* Assisting with Data Conversion and set up of reference data
* On-site Installation
* Training of staff and management
* Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services

A good partner is able to combine the pricing advantage of an internet-based operation with the expertise and personal service of a local dealer whether the POS solution is a simple cash register for a small business, a powerful Touch Screen system or a more elaborate network of EPoS terminals across multiple branches linked to a head office system.

Some EPoS system suppliers refuse to openly publish their prices for simple comparison. Even before requirements are specified, it is not difficult to publish a price list of available hardware, software, optional modules, peripherals and service costs as a guide. All prices for hardware, software and services should be readily supplied and published on company's website for customers to clearly see all the costs from the outset. If there are any going license, usage or support fees for any of the software, these should be clearly stated and an annual cost provided. Some providers will claim the system costs "x pounds per week", but its only when you look at the total cost over a period, say, 3 or 5 years, that the real cost to your business will become apparent.


If you wish to discuss your EPoS system requirements and require additional buying advice, please call us at EposSystems.com on 020 7127 4250.


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