Installing an EPoS system can involve a sizeable investment. Your investment is not just financial, you are also likely to invest a lot of time and effort in implementing the system. Choosing the right system with the right peripheral equipment, software modules and support services is therefore very important. This Buyers Guide will help you to understand the available technology, the terminology, the typical costs and the risks and benefits of different point of sale system solutions.

The investment you make in purchasing the best EPoS system suited to your particular business can yield countless benefits:

> Reducing operating costs
> Faster transaction processing
> Enhanced customer service
> Improved security
> Fast access to stock and price data
Instant availability of management information for stock, sales, staff performance and staff attendance
Automated production of accounting reports for sales revenue, vat/tax, gross profit and stock valuation

For larger operations or a chain of multiple stores the cost savings, profit gains and improved efficiency levels are magnified considerably, with the added benefit of greater control over your business.

Even in a small single-store operation, you can increase your profits by using the data from stock reports to:

> Make stock holding decisions about fast and slow selling items
> Reduce or avoid theft and wastage
Reduce staff costs by reviewing sales reports that analyse product sales by day of week and time of day
> Monitor selling prices by checking the gross profit reports
Reduce your bookkeeping and accounting costs with the automated production of various financial reports.

At the same time as raising awareness of the benefits of implementing a high quality EPoS system, this Guide explains the inner working of the EPoS hardware and software market, types of products available, the various pricing models and payment structures operated by different providers and the risks associated with some types of product.

The Buying Guide encourages you to consider every aspect of your business when determining your requirements. Not just the obvious point of sale tasks of printing a receipt and keeping track of the cash drawer total, but all the wider functions and tasks which require time and resources covering everything from security, calculating wages, bookkeeping and accounting, labelling, stock taking, purchasing, sales and marketing.

While there is some truth in the adage that "you get what you pay for", it is possible to find affordable lower cost solutions where other EPoS systems offer the same features at inflated prices, disguised by payment plans and long-term rental payments.

At EposSystems.Com, we aim to help you choose the right EPoS solution and deliver cost savings, productivity gains and increased profit levels to your retail or hospitality business, at an affordable price.

As we have a range of different systems to meet potential requirements, we have available solutions for most types of business. However, after determining your requirements, if we do not have a suitable solution ourselves, we will give you honest expert advice and refer you to a more specialist provider in the marketplace who may have.

If you wish to discuss your EPoS system requirements and require additional buying advice, please call us at EposSystems.com on 020 7127 4250.




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