SPT-3000 Retail Shop EPoS System
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T3000 Retail EPoS System Summary


The T-3000 retail shop system is an advanced Windows-based touch screen EPoS solution. It is ideal where you have advanved requirements within a busy supermarket, convenience store, newsagents and other type of retail shop operation.

Whether you run a single retail shop, a chain of stores or a franchise operation, the T-3000 Retail EPoS package is loaded with comprehensive features to support your business. Yet it is fast to setup and very simple to use.

The T3000 shop till system supports barcode scanning, advanced stock control and user-designed screen buttons for service charges and non-barcoded products. You can process cash sales, credit card sales and also optionally maintain a database for account customers which allows sales invoices and statements to be printed.

If you operate an internal staff or pupil shop, then it can operate as a cashless EPoS system allowing sales processing without immediate payment. You may set credit limits, register deposits and print sales activity reports and account statements.

The T-3000 includes the stable and proven Touch EPoS software to meet a variety of retail requirements. The latest, high performance Sam4s Titan S265V Windows-based terminal features a modern design, powerful specification, small footprint and offers a range of peripheral options.

For newsagents, add the optional NewsRound Management Software which allows you to produce paper or email bills, take customer payments at your store or your customers can pay online, you can print delivery round schedules, update the latest newspaper / magazine publications and run various accounts and management reports.

The optional Business Analysis back office modules gives you live and historic business performance information, accessible remotely on your web browser on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Business Analysis - Live and Historic Sales Reporting

Sample Screen Layouts

The Touch Retail EPoS Software allows screens to be customised for your type of business - allowing colour schemes, button sizes, button colours, text and graphical images to be incorporated.

Below is an example of a screen configured for a retail convenience store:-

Touch EPoS Software - screenshot


The T3000 allows a Customer Database to be optionally maintained, allowing you to operate credit accounts, apply credit limits, print account statements, post deposits and payments and keep track of historic purchases.

The Reporting system provides a comprehensive range of reports related to Accounts, Bookings, Customers, Departments, Financial Analysis, Sales, Stock and Suppliers. Reports can be viewed on screen, printed to an A4 printer,

Operators can login with a Button, Swipe Card, Magnetic Dallas Key or Pin Number. The Clocking In / Out functions allows you to keep track of staff working hours and produce automatic working hours reports for calculating wages.

Each package from EposSystems.Com is supplied with a fast Giant 100 Thermal Receipt Printer, heavy-duty Omnidirectional Laser Barcode Scanner and secure front-opening Cash Drawer.

Wireless barcode scanners, hand held stock-taking terminals, integrated weighing scale, reverse advertising displays, chip and pin terminals and other equipment and accessories can be optionally added.

Shelf Edge Label Printing is includded, just add your own A4 Printer or our optional Thermal Label Printer. You can save yourself hours of work every week by not having to price mark every stock item individually. Simply use our easy-to-use Shelf Edge Label Printing module to print the desired labels - quickly, easily and professionally.

The optional Business Analysis BackOffice system with Handheld Stock Taking Scanner allows you to monitor sales, stock and staff activity remotely and produce a wide range of management and accounting reports, giving you total control of your retail / wholesale business.

T3000 - Contents and Specification of Standard Package


Sam4s Titan S265V Terminal:
15" Projective CapacitiveTouch Screen
2GB RAM (upgradable to 8gb), choose 64GB SSD or 128GB SDSD
Windows 10 IoT licence pre-installed
Intel Celeron N3160 2.24 Ghz Fanless Processor
3 Year Return to Base Manufacturers Warranty
Ports Include: 2x Serial, 6x USB, 1 x VGA, Audio, 1 x LAN (10/100/1000 MBPS), 1 x Cash Drawer port

CES Touch Retail EPoS Software:
Permanent software licence
Easy to setup with minimal staff training
O n-screen Menus with picture buttons or text for fast, easy operator use
Barcode scanning
Barcode label printing and shelf edge label printing (with compatible Label Printer)
Text Prompts for Age Restricted Items
Multiple VAT rates
Staff Training mode doesnt affect reports
Multiple price levels for each PLU
Discounts by customer, by transaction or by line item. £ or %.
Comprehensive range of sales, management analysis and financial accounting reports

Front Opening Cash Drawer:
Heavy Duty Metal Construction.
3 Position Keylock.
2 Media Slots.
Drawer Open Sensor.
RJ11 Printer Connection.
Dimensions (approx) Height: 110mm Depth: 410mm Width: 410mm.
Net Weight: 8Kg

Giant 100 Thermal Receipt Printer:
Upto 220mm/second print speed
RS232 Serial Interface & Cable, USB & Ethernet Interface
80mm print width
Dimensions: 140x130x130mm
Net Weight: 1.7kg

Honeywell Orbit Laser Barcode Scanner:
Omnidirectional heavy duty barcode scanner
USB interface cable


T3000 System Options & Prices

Voyager Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner
add £100 More Details
Shelf Edge Labels
A4 Printer £95
Rear 2 line VFD Customer Display
add £110 More Details
Graphical LCD Advertising Display
add £225 - More Details
15inch Rear LCD Customer Advertising Display
add £295 More Details
Magnetic Dallas Key Reader for staff login
add £85
Dallas Key Fobs for staff login
£6 each More Details
Mobile Stock Taking Handheld Terminal
add £1285 - More Details
Membership Loyalty Magstripe Cards
add £445 - More Details
Software Modules
from £100 - More Details
Telephone Caller ID
£195 per line - More Details
Postal Address Database
£195 - More Details
Newspaper Round Management Software
from £25 per month More Details
Credit Card Processing with EPOS
More Details
POS Weighing Scales
from £495More Details
Back Office Software
from £275 More Details
EPOS Consumables
More Details

Additional Shop Till System Information


Click on a link below to open brochure / datasheet (in separate window)

Sam4 Titan S265V Touch Screen Terminal Brochure

Touch EPoS Software - Sales / Accounting Reports



Detailed List of Features

* Select from on-screen menu, key-enter amount, PLU code or barcode number
or Scan barcode
* Supports Press (Newspaper) Code format barcodes
* Optionally choose condiments, cooking options, product options (eg. Over 18 etc)
* Optionally link to Weighing Scale for fruit/veg, meat, fish, salads etc.
* Register sales as cash or eat-in / take-away, assign to a table, function room or tab
* % Discount or Amount Discount, mix and match promotions
* Discount by item or entire bill
* Specify cash, card, cheque or other payment type
* Hot-keys for £5, £10, £20, £50 tender
* Calculates change due for cash payments
* Controls cash drawer opening
* Print receipts with logo, header/footer message
* Void any individual line item on the bill or the entire bill
* Refund function

* Design your own screen layouts
* Button sizes and text/button colours can be defined
* Pictures/Images can be placed on buttons
* Items can be position where required
* Add any combination of keys to each screen (PLU, Functions, Macros, Departments etc)
* You can activate a particular screen when a specific PLU is selected
* Screen sequence can be linked (eg. choose pizza base, choose toppings etc)
* Screen can auto-close after 1 item, or can remain till closed.
* You can choose the minimum number of items to be selected from a screen
* Screen saver - screen can go blank or show graphic image after set minutes
* Screen levels can be controlled by day of week - eg. different weekend menu
* Using Price Levels, time-specific prices can be set up (eg. happy hour, early bird etc)

* Define end-of-shift time after midnight (useful for late night bars, nightclubs etc)
* Print daily sales summary by terminal or all system
* Print sales by PLU, by product group, by department, or by staff
* Sales reports shows VAT breakdown and sub-totals for each group
* Hourly sales report
* Numerious sales, financial, stock and employee performance reports
* Report sequencer allows multiple reports to be printed at once

* Print shelf edge labels on A4 sheets or label rolls
* Print your own product barcode labels for packs, jars and packets

* Ethernet compatible, so as many terminals as required can be connected
* Real-time updates of check tracking, so every terminal has access to all guest bills
* Real-time clerk interrupt and floating clerks
* Staff can start/resume transactions on any terminal
* Share all remote printers
* Generate either consolidated reports for all terminals or reports for a particular terminal
* Till by Till financial reports, including Station Totals report
* Real-time product updates - new items instantly available on other terminals

* Ability to interrupt a sale in progress, so another employee can commence another sale
* On screen employee status, so sales in progress can be seen
* Ability to commence transaction on one terminal, and update/close on other terminals
* Access to check tracking across all terminals

* Track bills for credit account customers
* Screen lists all outstanding bills
* Retrieve any open bill, with itemised details including payment information
* Hourly analysis of open bills
* Ability to allocate seat numbers within a transaction
* Split payment facility to split bill into equal segments for each guest
* Bill transfer - ability to transfer/join different bills
* Recall bills by table number of bill number
* Ability to maintain account balances

* Print complete itemised bills and receipts
* Print image/logo on receipt heading
* Ability to group items on bill (eg. starters, drinks)
* Allocate external printers to use on the network
* Printers can be re-allocated as and when required
* Receipt printing can be turned on/off, and Print Receipt button used
* Specify number of bills/receipts to print

* Print food/drink orders to external order printers
* For each PLU, determine which printer will print to
* Multiple printer groups can be defined
* Printers can be re-allocated as and when required
* Automatic time-schedule for controlling location of printing
* Option to print a particular order to a particular order printer
* Global order numbering sequence, so all orders can be tracked
* Content of kitchen ticket can be configured (eg. grouping like items)

* Staff can sign on with a name-key, staff number, pin number or Dallas Key
* Staff can be auto signed-off after each transaction or can manually sign off

* Supports EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-E, UPC-A and Addendum barcodes
* Can process price-inclusive Scale Barcodes
* Can combine retail and hospitality terminals on same network
* Unlimited number of PLU's supported (subject to disk space)Upto 30,000 PLU.
* Supports hand-held, fixed-mount and counter-mounted barcode scanners
* Can scan barcode for Price Inquiry
* Functions to recognise unknown barcodes and auto-add

* Real-time updating of stock levels for each PLU
* Specify minimum and maximum stock levels
* Mode lock for stock maintenance - adjustments and stock taking
* Wastage feature to deduct expired or damaged stock
* Reports for current stock and stock re-order
* Parent product links allow subtraction (using integer or decimal) from main product
(eg. half-pint can reduce stock of full-pint PLU by 0.5)
* Detailed stock reports

* Portable data capture terminal with application software
* Receive goods
* Stock Ordering
* Stock Taking

* Store ndependent ingredients for stock control in addition to PLU
* Ingredients can be allocated to a particular recipe for stock control
* Recipes can be nested
* Comprehensive food costing report analysis

* Allows tracking of products use from a case or box
* Eg. Keep track of how many pints used or how many burgers used from a box
* Hourly, 30-minute or 15-minute usage analysis
* Summary or detailed reports

* Electronic Journal stores details of all recent transactions
* Define what information is stored for each transaction
* Complete analysis for reporting purposes
* Journal can auto wrap round or provide warning when full

* Main grouping eg. Wet Sales / Dry Sales or Take-Away / Restaurant sales
* Product category grouping eg. soft drinks, wines, beers, spirits
* Tax rates - set one of 6 tax rates for each product group or individual PLU
* Define a PLU as a condiment salt, pepper, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar etc
* Compulsory condiments (eg. steak cooking instructions - rare, medium etc
* Single item PLU to finalise sale (eg. entrance fees)
* Memo information - for additional text to be printed on receipt
* Auto-Scale PLU - for link to a weighing scale of items like fruit/veg/fish, cheese, meat etc
* Stock and non-stock PLU to enable stock control
* Linked PLU - eg. on meal deals, individual stock items deducted automatically
* Enable / Disable Promo inclusion using the Promo function key
* Optional surcharge, by amount or percentage
* Reference Number entry - eg. product serial number
* Enable/Disable discounting for each PLU
* Specify if PLU is to be included on kitchen/bar printed orders, and which printer
* Specify if PLU is to be highlighted in RED on kitchen/bar printed orders
* Specify if PLU appears on customer receipt
* Optional image for each PLU can be printed on receipt

* Store actual stock inventory at outset
* Add stock transfers in (eg. new deliveries) and deduct stock transfers out
* Deduct stock wastage (eg. returns, expired or damaged stock)
* Specify minimum stock level to trigger appearance on stock re-order report
* Real-time stock enquiry button for a particular PLU
* Option to show stock levels on screen menu

* Multiple shifts can be defined for auto-reporting (eg. morning, lunch, afternoon etc)
* New shift can be auto or manually activated
* Kitchen/bar printers can be auto-activated at set times

* Specify which PLU's are part of each promotion
* Print the promotion on the customer receipt 'eg.2 for price of 1'
* Specify discount amount, if fixed price promotion eg. Buy 3 for £2
* Specify quantity of each PLU/group to trigger the promotion

* Staff access can be controlled by PIN number or dallas key
* Control and restrict access to specific features for each staff
* Drawer Limit - gives warning when cash exceeds drawer limit
* Open Drawer Alarm - when cash drawer is open for too long


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Package Contents

Titan S265V 15" Touch Screen Terminal
with Windows 10 IoT pre-installed

Touch EPoS Software
with all standard modules

Front Opening Cash Drawer

Giant 100 Thermal Receipt Printer

Orbit Barcode Scanner

3 year manufacturers warranty

Package Price - December 2018

£1375 +vat



Service Pack £175
The Service Pack includes initial set up of the system with your business details and menu/products, a 2 hour remote training session and a Level One Annual Support Subscription.

Only Pay Once for Software
All our systems include a permanent EPOS software license that is part of the original package cost - you never have to pay any ongoing monthly or annual software license fees to continue using our systems - you only pay once at the start and that is it.

On-Site Setup & Training at your premises, installation, network cabling and enhanced Support Subscriptions are available - please ask for a quote.

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