Prior to use, all POS systems need to be configured with your business information before they can be operated. This may include header and footer information to be printed on the receipt or invoice, your company logo, staff names, product categories (or departments) and each individual product line and price, the applicable tax rate for each product / service, food / drink item and any services you provide. Other operating parameters and system options may also need to be configured to suit your operating requirements.

We offer a Programming Service where, on completion of our form, we will configure the system with your personalised details and your products, services and prices. We can also enable and configure other functions such as staff timekeeping, discounts, meal deals and mix & match promotions. If you will be using stock control, the opening stock levels, minimum stock levels and re-ordering information may also need to be entered as well as your suppliers details.

For retail operations, we can automatically import a list of products with barcode numbers, descriptions and prices from your supplier if they can provide a compatible file. Alternatively we can set up just the product database infrastructure, ready for you to load all your products individually.

Initial basic programming for systems supplied by us is included in the Service Pack.

Additional new programming, set up of advanced features and programming on systems purchased elsewhere start from £75 per hour.

Where a large list of product information needs to be set up on a new EPoS System, we can also offer Data Entry services from £25 per hour.

If you are doing your own menu programming and require assistance, please contact us via our Support Service for help.

We also offer Data Conversion Services from older systems and spreadsheets.

Email us or call us on 020 7523 5000 to discuss your support service requirements and for a quotation.


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