Customer Pole Displays

Below are listed our external pole displays for use with our compatible EPoS systems.

Bixolon BCD1000 Pole Display


Price £125

Wasp WPD720 Pole Display


Price £165

Partner CD7220 Pole Display


Price £125

Rear 15" LCD Display for SAM4S SPT-3000

15" rear LCD display for SPT-3000 touch screen terminal.

Allows graphical presentation to be run and itemised receipt to be shown to customer.

Price £245


All prices are stated excluding VAT and delivery.


Customer Display r- Additional Information

Some EPoS systems will have the customer display integrated into the back of the touch screen or base unit. This can be either 1-line or 2-line. For other systems, you may need to purchase and connect a peripheral Pole Display. These are usually 2-line, 20 character displays, available in matching colours and adjustable pole heights.

You will need to check the EPoS software specification to determine which make/model and interface of pole display will be compatible.

If you EPoS software supports it, larger size rear customer displays (with our without touch functionality) are available if you require customer interaction or wish to display advertisements or presentations.