Cafe EPOS Till System

For cafes, we supply a number of different Electronic Point of Sale Systems that are ideally suited starting from just £695 for a hybrid system and £995 for a 15" touch screen system.

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Whether you run a small coffee shop or tea room or a busy cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing for eat-in and take-away orders, we have a number of different systems to suit various cafe requirements and budgets.

Our best cafe EPoS solutions include all the components you require to setup and operate your cafe business including receipt printer, cash drawer and EPoS application software are all included. Optionally add a kitchen printer, a kitchen monitor system, dallas keys or fingerprint reader for staff login, barcode scanner for take-away counters and Caller ID / Address Lookup for telephone orders. We can setup your food and drinks menu and provide on-site installation / training as part of our service package.

If you do event catering, we have EPoS Systems that let you maintain customer accounts with itemised invoices and statements. For schools, colleges, hospitals and corporate canteens we also have cashless systems that can allow purchases to be made on pre-paid accounts.

On all our systems, you can specify the VAT rate for different items including hot food, cold food, eat-in and take out orders - allowing the system to automatically calculate the correct VAT for each transaction and produce accurate financial reports for your accounting.

We have specialist solutions for small and large cafes. These pos solutions cater for eat-in, take-away, collection and food delivery orders. You can use it for ready-made packed food or cooked to order food.

We have options of 12" or 15" touchscreens and lower-cost hybrid systems with a 7" touchscreen and keypad. On our Windows-based solutions, you can choose from our standard grey/black touch screens or choose from our designer range of colour co-ordinated touch screens, with matching printer cover. Handheld wireless waiter terminals are also available.


Features Available on our Cafe POS Systems

Our till systems for cafes offer a wide range of features suited to the different types of food and drink serving establishments. Please note that not all features are available on all our systems - check the specification of your intended system if you require a particular feature.

Here are some of the features available in our cafe till systems:

Kitchen Order Printing

All our till systems for cafes can optionally have a kitchen printer attached. With a kitchen printer or bar printer, food and drinks orders can be instantly transmitted to the preparation area from the till point. This saves valuable time as staff are not walking backwards and forwards to deliver order slips, enabling them to attend to other customers and provide a faster more efficient service. It also results in less mistakes with customers orders which can occur when handwritten instructions cannot be properly read or if kitchen staff cannot hear orders which are shouted across.

You can choose from a kitchen printer with a tear bar (for manual tear-off) or an auto-cutter. Some kitchen printers are equipped with a buzzer or bell to alert kitchen staff to new orders. We normally recommend impact dot-matrix mini printers for kitchen use which print on plain paper (either 1-ply or multi-ply), as the print on thermal paper can be damaged if exposed to heat or moisture.

The kitchen printer can be connected with an RS232 Serial Cable - we recommend no more than 25m length for reliable operation. Alternatively a printer with Wireless Ethernet interface can be used.

We also support a number of other langauges for kitchen order printing for cafes where speciality chefs may prefer their own language. The kitchen ticket can be printed in Chinese, Urdu or some other supported language, while the rest of the system operates in English.

Kitchen Monitor System

With the kitchen monitor system orders are instantly displayed on large screen in the kitchen. A waterproof 'bump bar' attached to the system allows kitchen staff to remove completed orders from the screen once they are prepared. You may also set a time limit so orders will start flashing in red if the time limit has been exceeded.


Clerk Interrupt

With the 'clerk interrupt' feature, multiple staff members can use the same till to process multiple orders. One staff member at a time can be physically using the till, adding to or amending a customer order, while orders being processed by other staff are temporarily parked.

Staff can switch to their orders by logging in with their dallas key, fingerprint reader or with their username. Orders may also be retrieved by table number or from a list.

Table Management

Table Management allows you to keep track of post-pay customer bills, either for tables, tabs or function rooms. You define the zones within your cafe, for example, ground floor, terrace, balcony and so on and specify the number, size and shape of each table. The epos system allows you to allocate menu items to a table, print interim bills and final bills. More sophisticated features including splitting bills between several people on a table, transferring bills or certain bill items from one table to another table and monitoring the stage for each table in the cafe (eg. menu, starters, main course, desserts, final bill, payment).

Menu Design

The layout of your menu on the system is very important as it determines how quickly and accurately your staff can operate. Our cafe epos systems allow you to have hot-keys on the front screen for your most popular food and drink items, you can colour co-ordinate menu buttons (eg. cold drinks in blue, hot drinks in red etc) and you may also incorporate text, pictures or graphics on menu buttons to further speed up identification for staff.

You can define a series of hierarchical screens and pop-up windows for the different sections of your menu. For example, in a cafe you may have your menu split into Starters, Main Courses, Desserts, Cold Drinks, Hot Drinks and so on or you may have a more detailed structure such as Chicken Main Courses, Fish Main Courses, Vegetarian Starters and so on. Our cafe epos systems will allow you to structure the on-screen menus to suit your particular requirements and you can add/change items whenever required. In addition, you may also have pop-up menus for condiments and cooking instructions.

Where you require customisation in a cafe, for example, for pizza toppings or sandwiches, it is possible to build a screen layout to facilitate all the options. For example, white bread or brown bread, extra tomatoes, no onions, ketchup, mayonnaise, chilli sauce and so on. Cooking options such as mild, medium or hot spicy can also be programmed.


Floating Clerk

The 'floating clerk' feature is very useful in a cafe with multiple terminals. It allows staff to retrieve a customers bill from any till on the network, add items to the bill and to finalise the customer bill.


Table Reservations

Table Reservations is available on our advanced epos system to book tables, function rooms and other facilities.


Stock Control and Recipe / Ingredients Management

With stock control, you can keep track of all the food and drink items at your cafe. You can specify minimum stock levels to prompt re-ordering. With Recipe / Ingredients Management, you can specify the portions that make up each menu item - for example, a slice of chocolate cake may be made up of 50g of flour, 30g of sugar etc. The system will deduct the items from stock, either as whole items or proportionately, as they are sold.

With stock control, you can sell items by the whole (eg. bottle, can) or you can serve measures such as pint, half-pint, single shot, double shot, glass etc and the cafe epos system will adjust the stock levels accordingly using fractional values which have been pre-defined.


Staff Timekeeping

With the staff timekeeping module, cafe staff are required to login and logout at the start and end of each shift and to record any breaks. This allows you to generate summary reports showing the hours worked for each person to assist in wages calculations.


Discounts & Meal Deals

With our advanced cafe epos systems, it is possible to program in meal deals, promotions and other discounts for automated price calculation. It also allows for 'happy hour' and 'early bird' types of pricing that is linked to particular time periods.





Our most popular
Cafe POS Systems

Sam4s SPS500 Touch Screen Till

SPS-500 Cafe POS Till System
with 7" touch screen & keypad,
integrated printer, cash drawer
& integrated epos software

Price only


+setup, delivery & vat

3 years warranty
Branded world-class equipment
No cloud connection needed
No ongoing monthly/annual fees

T2500 Touch Screen Till

Q5 Cafe EPOS System
with 15" touch screen,
cash drawer, receipt printer
& Windows-based epos software

Kitchen Printer,
Wireless Waiter Tablets.
For takeaway / delivery, we also offer
Telephone Caller ID &
Postal Address Database options.

Price only


+setup, delivery & vat

3 years warranty
Branded world-class equipment
No cloud connection needed
No ongoing monthly/annual fees

more details

T3000 Touch Screen Till

T-3000 Cafe EPOS System
with 15" true flat LED touch screen,
cash drawer, receipt printer
& Windows-based CES Touch epos software

Price only


+setup, delivery & vat

3 years warranty
Branded world-class equipment
No cloud connection needed
No ongoing monthly/annual fees

more details

V4000 Touch Screen Till

V-4000 Cafe EPOS System
with 15" true flat LED touch screen,
cash drawer, receipt printer
& Windows-based ICRTouch epos software

Price only


+setup, delivery & vat

3 years warranty
Branded world-class equipment
No cloud connection needed
No ongoing monthly/annual fees



UK Mainland delivery charge is £12 per order.

For international orders, Scottish Highlands & Islands please contact us for a quote.


Remote set up and remote training is included in the Service Pack. On-site installation and staff training at your premises is optionally available. Please contact us with your postcode for a quote.


All our epos software is on a permanent licence so there are no ongoing monthly or annual software licence fees to ever pay.
Pay once, and that's it!

Sam4s equipment is covered by a 3 year warranty. Software support is included in the 1st year. Support is optional thereafter and costs just £25 per month if required (paid annually) or can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis without any subscription. The POS software license is effective permanently regardless.