There are 4 options available when considering integration of your EPoS system with your accounting system:

1. Use an Accounts software package with EPoS Module

2. Use an EPoS package which as an integrated interface to transfer data to your particular accounts package

3. Print off periodic summary reports from your EPoS system and key enter the total sales and tax figures to your accounts package

4. Print off / export transactions and re-key or import them into your accounts package

The majority of EPoS software packages provide dedicated point-of-sale and stock control functionality only. Some packages, either within the main EPoS software program or with optional back-office software, also provide purchasing functions. However most EPoS software does not provide full accounting facilities such as managing bank accounts, petty cash, payroll, maintaining nominal ledgers, producing balance sheets, VAT returns, annual accounts and so on. You will always need to use a proper financial accounts package for such facilities.

If you use your EPoS system for staff clocking in and clocking out, then you may also wish to use the staff working reports to assist with wages calculations. If you pay sales commission to your staff, then this is a further requirement to consider.

A few well known accounting packages such as Sage and Quickbooks do have optional EPoS modules. However, in their current form, the EPoS features in these modules are not of the same level of sophistication as specialist EPoS packages, they are not as easy to use for shop / restaurant staff and combined with all the accounting features and terminology as the rest of the system, make them generally not the best choice for most retail and hospitality environments.

If you are a very small operation with knowledge of an accounts software package, then using an accounts package such as Sage or Quickbooks for your EPoS software may be an option and provide cost benefits.

Alternatively, some of the EPoS solutions do provide optional interfaces for you to transfer sales transactions into an accounts package. For example, with our Sentinel Touch software an optional Sage accounting interface is available.

Otherwise, all of our EPoS solutions allow printed summary reports from which required sales and tax data can be picked out and key-entered into your accounts software on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Most of our solutions also allow data to be exported into ASCII files for subsequent import and manipulation using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

If you wish to discuss your EPoS system requirements and require additional buying advice, please call us at EposSystems.com on 020 7127 4250.


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